In The True Spirit of Swinging…….

Last weekend we went to visit friends for a night of fun with them and another couple.  We have known our friends for several years now and always enjoy their company, whether it is swinging or not.  They have become true friends.

Anyway, after a lapse of some months from our swinging adventures, we accepted this invite to theirs.  They said this other couple, with whom we had spoken online a few times last year, were also going to be there.  The reason we hadn’t taken it further with this couple were that we weren’t actually very interested but we hadn’t said as much because we had kept an open mind and, at one point, we had thought we might meet them.

To be honest, we weren’t over enthusiastic about meeting this new couple but we decided, in the true spirit of swinging, to go along anyway as we knew we would enjoy seeing our old friends again.

As usual, the evening started with drinks and dinner and we enjoyed ourselves.  However, I didn’t find either one of the new couple physically attractive and, more importantly, not attractive in personality.  I won’t go into the whys and wherefores, it’s incidental, but the point is, I wasn’t attracted to them.  What I will say is that when the guy took his clothes off I was mortified.  He’d clearly lost a LOT of weight and was very unattractive.  This wasn’t really the issue however.  The issue was that, at dinner, he had been talking about size and how women misrepresented themselves in their profiles.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw his body.  Well, I could. The man clearly has issues.

Anyway, we moved into the other room for the fun to begin and, at this point, I would quite happily have gone home.  However, in the true spirit of swinging, I threw myself into it all and performed admirably, although I didn’t have penetrative sex with the stranger.

On the way home, as always, we reflected on the evening.  We both agreed we hadn’t enjoyed the sex really and that we were a bit tired of the whole swinging thing.

This set me off thinking about the whole business of swinging.  Now we have been involved in it for a while, I think I can sit back and give some of my opinions.  These are just my opinions obviously but I just wonder how many others might share them…..

1. Swinging is often fucking just for the sake of fucking – regardless of attraction

2. It’s rare to find a mutual attraction, particularly for all four

Obviously, I am generalising.  We do enjoy the fun, the humour and the entertainment that goes along with swinging quite often.  We enjoy coming home and discussing the horrors and then having very good sex together.  We have met some great people who have become friends. We’ve had some good sex!  We’ve had a few rather STRANGE experiences as well…..

But I just cannot fuck someone I don’t fancy.  I don’t need to be wooed, and I don’t need an emotional bond.  I just need some attraction, a glimmer of chemistry and the knowledge that we aren’t all just doing this because it’s ‘in the spirit of swinging’.  Nothing is compulsory and I’ve never been pressured into doing anything I don’t want to.  But there is an expectation that we will all have sex with each other and it is pretty difficult to be the voice that says, no thanks, I’ll make the tea.

Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a swinger.  I don’t know.  I’d be really interested to hear from other swingers about their views on this.

And if I fancy you, I might even shag you…..

Lubed up

What do you think of lube?  I think the majority believe it is a useful aid when things are a bit ‘dry’ and they aren’t wrong there.  But I think of it as far more than just a tool to aid penetration.

Personally, I love lube.  I use it practically every time we have sex.  A hand job becomes a first class hand job with lube.  The slippery-slideyness adds a whole new feel for both me and my hand job recipient.  I wouldn’t be without it….

And he seems to enjoy it too….

Get yer kit off, you’ve pulled…..

Ok. So, we’ve been swingers for a few years now.  We’ve had some experiences, which I’ll share as we go on but, for now, I just want to tell you about this weekend, our experience, my thoughts and my opinions.  Read on….

So, this weekend we visited a swingers club.  This was our first visit to a club, we’ve previously met other couples through various sites on an ‘individual’ basis, as it were.  But we’ve wanted to go to a club for ages so, after quite a break from the swinging scene, we decided to book a weekend away at a fairly well known club not too far from us.

We were promised a warm welcome, a classy experience, and all the rest of it.

How wrong could they be?!!

The blurb said, ‘Dress to impress’, so we did. We always do.  So, why is it that so many don’t??  Some of the women had made an effort, true, but the men?!  Come on guys, a short sleeve check shirt and some sandy coloured trousers does not constitute ‘dressing up’. That’s what you wear on holiday!!

That was the first observation.

So, there we were, new to this club, having a drink and waiting for the ‘warm welcome’.  This never came.  Not one person, not even a member of staff, came to say hello and make us feel like we were welcome.  What we found was a ‘clique’ of middle aged, unattractive, badly dressed people who didn’t seem to want to know us.

Which, in some ways, was a blessing in disguise, since we didn’t particularly want to know them.

But what is it about swinging and mingers?  I’m sad.  We are not young, we are in our fifties and I think we make up a large proportion of the swinging community.  But why so many vulgar, ugly, fat people?  We make an effort to look good for others.  We dress up, we don’t wear clothes that don’t flatter just because they are revealing.  There’s more to looking sexy than letting it ALL hang out.  The art of sexy is in the tease and the foreplay, in my opinion.  I accept we may not be everyone’s taste, we don’t expect younger swingers to make a bee-line for us and we are happy with mixing with our own age group if they are sexy.

I’m sorry, do I sound a little bit ‘up myself’?  Well, maybe I am.  But all we want to do is meet some fairly attractive people with social skills who would like to fuck us and be fucked.  Sadly, it seems the older, club frequenting swinging population consists mainly of coarse, vulgar, badly dressed middle-aged people.  The men in particular stand out as having no style whatsoever.

Or did we just go on a bad night????

My Virgin Post

So, here we are. A bit about me on this first post. I’m female. That’s possibly all you need to know really as I don’t want to taint your views by telling you too much. I guess it might be useful to know that I’ve been around a bit and that I dabble in the swinging lifestyle with my partner. Indeed we are sitting in a hotel room as I type, waiting for a weekend of fun to begin.

This blog will be a mixture of my stories, my observations and my views. I am very interested in porn and I have lots to say on that topic and, obviously, swinging as well as strong views on other aspects of sex.

Don’t expect erotic stories, that’s not why I started this blog. Do expect interesting posts (I hope) and some lighthearted stuff.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, so I hope you enjoy, as well as interact.